Artist Talks

Artist Talks and performative lectures are an integral part of our research/performance practice. Earlier versions of crucial ideas that we have slowly nurtured emerged during these moments of preparation and presentation. In a sense, the flow between our talks, workshops, performances and writing practice is seamless, which is to say, all these forms are various manifestations of our passion for exploring “the performative.”

All Night Breakfast

2014: Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre, ACAD, By invitation of Nuit Blanche Calgary, Calgary, AB.
TouVA performance - All Night Breakfast - 09

Practicing the 7th Sense: Performance in the Seen and the Unseen

2012: Epcor Centre, By invitation of M:ST – Mountain Standard Time Festival, Calgary, AB. (Video still by Tomas Jonsson; this image appeared alongside our article in Inter art actuel, #115) Find out more
TouVA Epcorv Artist Talk 2012

Practicing the 7th Sense: Performance in the Seen and the Unseen

2010: Toronto Free Gallery, During 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto, ON. (Slide excerpts from our PowerPoint presentation) Find out more

Practicing Dialogues / Practicing Workshops / Practicing the Daily Performative: le ‘Ur’-‘Ah’ moment

2009: Bain Saint-Michel, During VIVA! Art Action, Montreal, QC. (Photos by Catherine Bodmer and Guy L’Heureux)

Practicing the 7th Sense: Performance in the Seen and Unseen

Presented in both Toronto and Calgary, this performative lecture vividly put on display our lively approach to delivering intellectual concepts, demonstrating the embodied “performative” manner that drives our thinking and enacting. Practicing the 7th: Performance in the Seen and Unseen constituted the direct transmission of a text in which various levels of language are deployed to offer discourses, explanations, quotations, stories, actions, even songs… Here, all methods for “doing” are called forth to reveal the multiple manifestations that are both visible and invisible in this “necessity for what is alive” that for us, defines “the performative.” This performative is what we think of as the 7th Sense.

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