Performance Art Workshops

TouVA workshopThrough a gradual yet intensive learning process, TouVA’s performance art workshop introduces participants to what is involved in the creation of a live action piece, in particular as related to relational, infiltrating or intervention practices that take place in public spaces.

Exploring how time and space are intimately connected and linked to how we develop a relationship to the space and people around us, participants work on presence, heightened awareness, precision of intention, and direct channeling practices. Participants learn to work with more personalized, unpredictable and specific performative actions and structures.

Workshop Objectives

Our intensive workshop focuses on various exercises such as centering, observing and energy channeling in order to experiment with a diversity of performance methods/modes, individual activities and short solo and group presentations.

The objective of this workshop is to enable the participants to develop a distinctive practice thus learning to:

  • Understand some basic principles of performance
  • Manifest/communicate an authentic presence
  • Personalize their approach by combining movements, words, images, objects, sound research, etc.

This performance art workshop aims to inspire the creative process of each participant, regardless of their discipline or their artistic background and creative interests.

TouVA workshop


General Methodology

Because of a gradual learning process, hands-on exercises, concrete directives, dynamic feedback, constructive commentaries, individual coaching demonstrations, and analysis of basic principles, participants discover how to be conscious of the present moment, and experience various states of body/mind in the context of structuring performative actions– in particular within interventionist practices in public spaces.

Pedagogical Approach

The TouVA Collective takes its inspiration from the workshops of Sylvie Tourangeau – founding member of the Collective, and a highly regarded pioneer of performance art in Quebec. Together, we have developed an active pedagogical approach intricately linked with our artistic research by giving form to notions such as “the performative action cycle” (the flow of a performance action that moves through dynamic motivation, into connection-expansion-action) and inter-action (the space between actions), potentiality of everyday or invisible practices, and the importance of language to locate process and help one reconnect with one’s particular and unique artistic self (in general) and alignment (in particular).

Interested in participating in one of our performance art workshops? Contact us, and we’ll notify you about upcoming workshop dates. If you’d like to invite us to facilitate a performance art workshop, use our contact form.

(Photos by Kaija Dirkson & Sarah Wendt)

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