Impassioned as we are about the practice of performance, for the last six years our collective has been doing research toward the publication of a book. This research has branched off into several areas of enquiry seeing our collective presenting artist talks, performances and giving workshops. One of our major preoccupations is the notion of the invisible; that “performative” space between the artist and the audience, between the artist and the object, even between the artist’s actions. There is something akin to the mystical in this space that exists in the intangible, outside of immediate sense perception, and yet informs our reception of a performative moment and experience of a space/time continuum. These ideas have installed an insatiable curiosity in each of us and a desire to profoundly explore this particular place of creativity. Our continued contemplation has lead to so many kinds of contexts – all of which contribute to the development of our understanding of what is the performative. As such, each performance presents another opportunity to delve into our “living discourse,” and each performance, in its own way permits us to deepen our research into toward a better understanding of what makes performance important and relevant – not only to the contemporary art milieu, but to our daily lives.